The Officers of the Hiligaynon Group

Jane Schnyder_a Jane Schnyder
Roland Susvilla Roland Susvilla
Vice President
Mayda Rey Mayda Rey
Carol Howald Carol Howald
Stella_Pfister Stella Pfister
Ofelia Jau Ofelia Jau
Evelyn Lory Evelyn Lory
Theresa_Ceballos Teresa Ceballos

Sally Eclavia
Sally Eclavia
Miriam Fischer Miriam Fischer

The Hiligaynon Group Story

The roots
Living in any foreign countries is not always easy as anyone perceived. Some may encounter culture and mentality shock and eaten up by homesickness. That is why, if you see anyone looking Asian (or specific looking Filipino) on the streets anywhere, you feel happy and you have this urge to smile and to say “hi”. You have a tendency to make friends and first shyly ask; Pilipina ka ba? (are you Filipino?) and to communicate in your own language. Laking “tuwa” (joy) mo if that person came from the same region and speaks your very own dialect.

Then, you start to gather, to organize a party. Thereafter, start to discuss to put up a group (. . . if three “Swissos” meet they always found a “Verein”). This was exactly what happened with the Hiligaynon Group. About 50 Ilonggo speaking Filipinos in Bern arranged to come together on the 4th September 2004 and form a group. Which they then called the Hiligaynon Group after several suggested names. The first officers were: Roland Susvilla (President), Stella Pfister (Vice President), Mayda Rey (Secretary), Carol Howald and Evelyn Lory (Treasurers), Sarah Jane Rupp and Sally Eclavia (Auditors), Virgie Rentsch and Ofelia Jau (PROs), Rae Alicarte and Marvin Rivera (Sgt. at Arms) and Lily Angelical (Adviser).

The aim of the group is to promote contact amongst Hiligaynon speaking Filipinos. To create a platform for effective communication, to address and support one another in times of need. And above all to support specific projects in the Philippines such as; the Bantay Bata 163, a foundation helping poor, sick and abused children in the Philippines, a donation of computer for the library in the municipality of Igbaras, Iloilo, a mini Jeepney terminal at Vista Alegre, Bacolod City and for our Kababayan affected by typhoon in the province of Quezon and just recently for the victims of Typhoon Frank in the province of Panay.

Why Hiligaynon
Hiligaynon (or Ilonggo) is the language spoken in Western Visayan region in the Philippines. It is concentrated mostly in the provinces of Iloilo and Negros Occidental. Though, there are approximately 7,000,000 people in and outside the Philippines who are native speakers of Hiligaynon, and an additional 4,000,000 who are capable of speaking it with a substantial degree of proficiency.

Our activities
Now after four years, Hiligaynon Group has still more things to do and more challenges to undertake. . . under the new officers: Mary Jean Schnyder-Dedoroy (President), Roland Susvilla (Vice President), Mayda Rey (Secretary), Carol Howald and Stella Pfister (Treasurers), Ofelia Jau and Sarah Jane Rupp (PROs), Sally Eclavia and Miriam Fischer (Auditors) and Teresa Ceballos (Adviser).

Besides the yearly events as the Annual general meeting, the Family picnic, the annual fund-raising party - Halloween party and the Christmas party, we publish yearly news letter and have created a new website with the target to share information amongst members. The platform is a modern tool, fast and effective way to get to know each other better and make use of the networking opportunities and also to acquire new members and sponsors.

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